Tuesday, February 8, 2011

trick pemasangan keyword terampuh

Mbrasanby NazwaWhile reading the book SEO from Aaron Wall , I ' ll give a simple trick on The Most Powerful Keyword Laying order for you to compete in Google' s search results . Trick laying keyword is already very well known and very simple. In this article I will notify readers

Here is a simple trick about putting keywords :

1. Put the keyword in the Preliminary Title! If you already determine the keywords that you want to go , then assign that keyword in the Preliminary Title . This will make your keywords more powerful than put it in the middle or at the end of the title .

2 . Put the keyword in the keyword in the subheadings Laying subheadings also make keywords that you wandering become stronger! Therefore , do not forget to put your keywords in the subheadings of H 2 - H6

3 . If you are writing keyword used as powder to distinguish the writing of keywords such as bold , tilt, underline , or color the keywords then you will give clues to the search engines on the keywords that you want to go .

4 . Indentation Deep Linking If you do deep linking to your content, then it means that Google bots will find out how many pages that are relevant to the keywords being targeted. This certainly strengthen your position in the SERP .

5 . Leaving the relevant Source Link Feel free to put link your sources ! It ' s really a positive influence if you link the source of it relevant to your content and not classified as SPAM website .

6 . Put the keyword in the Early Paragraphs It also affect the strength of your keywords. So whenever possible letakkanlah your keyword at the beginning of the paragraph .

7. Keyword density keyword density level ideally in an article is 5 -7 percent . So , do this with the best ! If you put too many keywords then it could be - could you SPAMDEXING suspected of using the technique . So do not let too many keywordnya: )

Trick Among The Most Powerful Keyword Laying! Try to do the trick in every post you see the effect ! Guaranteed di jamin mantab tenan.

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